AGE Living Legend Tournament


Date: Saturday Oct 14, 2023
Format: Living Legend
Registration & Entry Fee: $40
Eligibility: Open entry (no invitation required)
Rules Enforcement Level (REL): Competitive
Host: Collector Legion
Address: 4451 Redondo Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260



Decklist required and will be collected during the players meeting.

Blank deck sheets will be provided at the venue, and can also be printed here.


Since there are no official guidelines regarding the Living Format, we will be implementing the following card legality policy:

  • All cards will be considered legal and will be subject to deck or hero restrictions. You must still adhere to any restriction text printed on the card (e.g., Legendary, Specializations, etc.).
  • All heroes will be permitted for registration.
  • Hero erratas will remain in effect (e.g., Briar will only produce one Embodiment of Earth Token per turn).
  • Only Adult heroes will be eligible for registration.

  • Saturday:
    • 11.30am - Venue opens.
    • 11.55am - Registration Closes/Player meeting
    • 12:00am - Pairings posted for round 1 of Swiss. 
    • 6:15pm - At the conclusion of the final round of Swiss, there will be a cut to the Top 8 players who will progress to a Top 8 single elimination playoff.
    • 10:00pm - Prize ceremony at the conclusion of the Top 8 playoffs.
  • Swiss rounds are best-of-one.
  • Swiss rounds are 50 + 5 minutes in duration. (50 + 5 means there are 5 minutes allocated for the start of game procedure. Players must have presented their deck and revealed their equipment and weapons within this 5 minute window. If both players complete the start of game procedure in less than 5 minutes, they may begin playing their match immediately.)


  • Top 8 playoffs are single elimination, best-of-one matches.
  • Top 8 matches have no time limit. Players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and Slow Play penalties will be enforced.
  • For each Top 8 match, the player that finished higher in the Swiss portion of the event chooses to play first or second.


  • Players may not change their registered deck during the tournament.
  • Deck checks will be conducted by event staff throughout the tournament.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to ensure there are no distinguishing marks or patterns on their cards or card sleeves for the duration of the tournament. Vendors will be onsite to purchase sleeves if required.


1st $400 USD
2nd $200 USD

$100 USD


$50 USD



Venue Information

This event will be hosted by: Collector Legion
Address: 4451 Redondo Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260
Phone: (310) 504-0353


Collector Legion offers parking options both in front of the store and in a parking structure above the shopping center.